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Clipper Blade Sharpening and Repairs


          A5 Toe Blade                        A5 Wide T-84 Blade                    A5 4# Skip Blade


Ian Parsons (Manager) Certified Grand Master Sharpener

Member: NBTSG (USA) AKG (Assoc) HBIA (Assoc)

Please Contact Us if you are unsure of your needs, or have a special item


We sharpen the wide variety of Clipper Blades available, Ceramic, Human/Animal Trimmers, up to Large Animal Clipper Blades.


Clipper blades require precision sharpening, and a high degree of skill to provide consistently sharp long lasting results. With over 20 years sharpening experience, computerised precision custom grinding equipment, and many thousands of blades later.


As a Certified Master Clipper Blade Sharpener, and 1st place winner in the 2013 NBTSG competition, our clipper blade sharpening commonly exceeds factory results. Accuracy, consistency and edge holding characteristics are demanded for the most trying grooming conditions.


      Wahl Arco Trimmer            Andis Domestic Trimmer               Andis 30# Trimmer


Sending Clipper/Trimmer Blades For Sharpening

  1. Please Ensure Blades are Clean and Dry
  2. Wrap Blades Individually and Send in a Padded Bag
  3. All Clipper/Trimmer Blades are $10.45 Each to Sharpen
  4. Please Include Your Name, Address, Phone Number and Payment
  5. Additional Shipping Information is here

For tips on how to care for, and extend the life of clipper blades click here




"It is obvious that you are dedicated to your  work and educating your customers, as well as providing a professional service with sharpening blades and servicing clippers, never once have I received a blade back not expertly sharpened"    Nicky Renwood. International Certified Master Groomer, Grooming Judge, Dog Show Judge 

"Ian at Feather Edge is totally sensational! I've been sending all my sharpening and repairs to him for over 10 years. His products and service are a good price, and the quality of his work is second to none. He's very quick, very reliable and very honest. A brilliant service!" Andie's Dog Grooming Niddrie


         Tidbit Trimmer                      Wahl Trimmer                       Ceramic 40# Cutter